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Kevin: First few months of college life

I have officially been a Linfield Student for nine weeks now and I have honestly loved every minute of it. I arrived on campus on August 19th, which was a week before Freshman Orientation. I spent that week participating in Linfield’s first annual First CLAS program, led by Colin Jones (Linfield Class of 2011) and current students Kit Crane, Jaimie McDonald, Katherine Takaoka, and Dana Hellie. CLAS stood for Community, Leadership, Action, and Service, and the group of 30 new Linfield freshmen along with our leaders did exactly that. We did everything from organizing food at the McMinnville Branch of the YCAP Food Bank to spending the day out at Miller Woods helping them with some much needed landscaping work. Needless to say it was a blast and at the end we all felt very accomplished and knew that we had already made a major impact on the McMinnville Community. Between First CLAS and Freshman Orientation I met many people I am lucky to now call my friends. Classes have been great as well. I’m taking Vector Calculus with Professor Bricher, and his passion for the subject makes it very easy to be in class by 8:15 am every day. I am also taking General Chemistry, Yoga, the Inquiry Seminar (INQS) The American Experiment, and the required Freshman Colloquium. My INQS has definitely caused me to really think about what it truly means to be an American, especially with all that is going on during this time in our nation’s history. Finally, I have been able to get involved in many different extracurriculars here at Linfield. I am currently part of Professor Diamond’s research team in the Chemistry Department, I am a RISE Mentor and will soon start working with students at McMinnville High School, I joined Linfield’s radio station, KSLC, and I am a part of the team that does the live broadcast for some of Linfield’s sporting events. It has been a busy time to say the least, but I have loved every minute of it. I finally started giving tours by myself ¬†for the Admission Office, so if you’re ever thinking about coming and visiting Linfield, you can take my tour on Tuesdays at 10 am. Thats really all for now, so I’ll end it with this: my first few months of college have convinced me that Linfield is the place to be.

- Kevin


Here I am sitting on the steps of my residence hall, Whitman Hall, during orientation. One of many pictures my mom took before she had to leave.