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Academic Calendars

Fall 2015 through Spring 2016 - McMinnville Campus Academic Calendar

EVENT FALL 2015 JAN 2016 SPRING 2016
All students complete clearing accounts with the Student Account Office Aug. 3 (Mon)   Feb. 1 (Mon)
New student orientation Aug. 27-30 (Thurs-Sun)   Feb. 6-7 (Sat-Sun)
Residence halls open for new students Aug. 27 (Thurs) Jan. 3 (Sun) Feb.6 (Sat)
Residence halls open for returning students Aug. 29 (Sat) Jan. 3 (Sun) Feb. 7 (Sun)
New student proficiency/placement exams Aug. 29-30 (Sat-Sun)    
CLASSES BEGIN Aug. 31 (Mon) Jan. 4 (Mon) Feb. 8 (Mon)
LABOR DAY (no classes) Sept. 7 (Mon)    
Last day to enroll in a course Sept. 11 (Fri) Jan. 5 (Tues) Feb. 19 (Fri)
Last day to DROP and not have course
     appear on transcript
Sept. 18 (Fri) Jan. 8 (Fri) Feb. 26 (Fri)
2016 Jan and Spring registration Nov. 9-12 (Mon-Thurs)    
2016 Fall registration     Apr. 11-13 (Mon-Wed)
Last day to DROP a course
     and receive a 'W' on transcript
Nov. 6 (Fri) Jan. 22 (Fri) Apr. 22 (Fri)
Thanksgiving break / Spring break Nov. 23-27 (Mon-Fri)   March 21-25 (Mon-Fri)
LAST DAY OF CLASSES Dec. 10  (Thurs) Jan. 29 (Fri) May 19 (Thurs)
Reading day Dec. 11 (Fri)   May 20 (Fri)
Final Exam period Dec. 14-17 (Mon-Thurs)   May 23-26 (Mon-Thurs)
Memorial day     May 30 (Mon)
Semester ends Dec. 17 (Thurs) Jan. 29 (Fri) May 26 (Thurs)
Graduating senior grades due BEFORE 5:00 pm Dec. 22 (Tues) Feb. 2 (Tues) May 27 (Fri)
Spring commencement     May 29 (Sun)
College Housing Closes Dec. 19 (Sat)   May 27 (Fri)
Final grades due in Registrar's Office Dec. 23 (Wed) Feb. 2 (Tues) June 3 (Fri)

Campus Events Calendar

Note: If you do not see the schedule you are looking for here, please check the Registrar Pages for additional academic scheduling.

Portland Campus Academic Calendar

2014-2015 Academic Calendar for Portland Campus (pdf)

2015-2016 Academic Calendar for Portland Campus (pdf)

Note: Summer 2015 summer classes will begin for both Semester 1 and Semester 4 cohorts on June 8. Summer classes will end for both cohorts on August 21.

Revised March 1, 2015

Linfield OCE Academic Calendars

  Summer 2015 Fall 2015 Jan 2016 Spring 2016 Summer 2016
Registration May 11 -
June 26
May 11 -
Sept 11
Nov 16 -
Jan 8
Nov 16 -
Feb 26
May 9 -
June 24
First Day of Classes 22-Jun 31-Aug 4-Jan 15-Feb 20-Jun
Last Day to Add a Class 26-Jun 11-Sep 8-Jan 26-Feb 24-Jun
Last Day to Drop without "W" on transcript 29-Jun 18-Sep 11-Jan 4-Mar 27-Jun
Last Day to Drop a course and receive a "W" 10-Jul 6-Nov 22-Jan 22-Apr 8-Jul
Last Day of Semester 21-Aug 17-Dec 4-Feb 26-May 19-Aug
Grades of Graduating Seniors Due       27-May  
Final Grades Due 28-Aug 23-Dec 11-Feb 3-Jun 26-Aug
Commencement       29-May