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Academic Calendars

Fall 2014 through Spring 2015 - McMinnville Campus Academic Calendar

EVENT FALL 2014 JAN 2015 SPRING 2015
New Student Course Registration ONLINE June 23-25 (Mon-Wed)    
All students complete clearing accounts with the Student Account Office Aug. 4 (Mon)   Feb. 2 (Mon)
New student orientation Aug. 21-24 (Thurs-Sun)   Feb. 7-8(Sat-Sun)
Residence halls open for new students Aug. 21 (Thurs) Jan. 4 (Sun) Feb. 8 (Sun)
Residence halls open for returning students Aug. 23-24 (Sat-Sun) Jan. 4 (Sun) Feb. 8 (Sun)
New student proficiency/placement exams Aug. 23-24 (Sat-Sun)    
CLASSES BEGIN Aug. 25 (Mon) Jan. 5 (Mon) Feb. 9 (Mon)
LABOR DAY (no classes) Sept. 1 (Mon)    
Last day to enroll in a course Sept. 5 (Fri) Jan. 6 (Tues) Feb. 20 (Fri)
Last day to DROP and not have course
appear on transcript
Sept 12 (Fri) Jan. 9 (Fri) Feb. 27 (Fri)
2015 Jan and Spring registration Nov. 3-6 (Mon-Thurs)    
2015 Fall registration     Apr. 13-15 (Mon-Wed)
Last day to DROP a course
and receive a 'W' on transcript
Oct. 31 (Fri) Jan. 23 (Fri) Apr. 24 (Fri)
Thanksgiving break / Spring break Nov 24-28 (Mon-Fri)   Mar. 23-27 (Mon-Fri)
LAST DAY OF CLASSES Dec. 4 (Thurs) Jan. 30 (Fri) May 20 (Wed)
Reading day Dec. 5 (Fri)   May 21 (Thurs)
Final Exam period Dec. 8-11 (Mon-Thurs)   May 22, 26-28(Fri, Tu-Thurs)
Memorial Day     May 25 (Mon)
Semester ends Dec. 11 (Thurs) Jan. 30 (Fri) May 28 (Thurs)
Graduating senior grades due BEFORE 5:00 pm Dec. 16 (Tues) Feb. 3 (Tues) May 29 (Fri)
Spring commencement     May 31 (Sun)
College Housing Closes Dec. 13 (Fri)   June 1 (Mon)
Final grades due in Registrar's Office Dec. 19 (Fri) Feb. 3 (Tues) June 5 (Fri)

Campus Events Calendar

Note: If you do not see the schedule you are looking for here, please check the Registrar Pages for additional academic scheduling.