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2013-14 Language Teaching Assistants

Yoko Eshita

Yoko is from Fukuoka, Japan, and earned her Bachelor’s degree in English Literature from Kyoto Women’s University. Yoko lived in New York for five years during her childhood, spent a few years in Australia, and worked at a travel agency in Japan. Yoko joined Linfield’s Japanese section as an ALLEX teaching assistant, and she will be team-teaching Elementary and Intermediate Japanese language courses for the next two years. She is also a degree-seeking student, pursuing her second Bachelor’s in International Relations here at Linfield. Yoko hopes to work for a Non-Government Organization in the future.

Amandine Gravier

Amandine is this year’s French Fulbright Teaching Assistant, and was born in Paris. She studied in Tours where she obtained a Masters Degree in Cultural Management. Amandine is an actress by trade: she attended the Tours School of Performing Arts for two years and, while in Tours, joined a theater company, the Tours Soundpainting Orchestra. Her dream is to have her own company one day.

During her year on campus, she will be (among other things) a conversation partner, a stage director, an actress, an advisor to the French club and the host of the French table; she will also help in the classroom as needed.

Dorian Obando

Dorian comes to us from Costa Rica. She holds a B.A. in elementary and secondary education with emphasis in English. She is currently pursuing a Masters in library science. Her interests lie in children’s literature and promoting reading from an early age. At Linfield she is helping Spanish classes, leading conversation groups, running the weekly Spanish conversation table, and assisting in organizing activities for the Spanish Club. She also takes classes in the English Language and Culture Program and in American Sign Language.

Maria Teufl

Maria is this year’s Fulbright Teaching Assistant from Austria, and was born and raised in a small village located Southwest of Vienna. After studying one semester in Nicaragua, and spending the summer in Boulder, Colorado, she moved to Vienna. At the University of Vienna she majored in English and American Studies. Her research areas are American Literature and Anglophone Cultural Studies.

Maria will assist Linfield as a “native informant” in a variety of ways, among them in a writing-intensive course, as conversation partner, with German Club activities, at German table, and as guest lecturer in other departments. At Linfield, Maria will also continue her studies of American literature, in particular the literature of the Pacific Northwest.