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Nancy Drickey - Professor of Education (Chair Fall 2015; sabbatical Spring 2016)

Potter 110

Education: BS, MS, PhD, Utah State University.

Academic Interests:
My research interests include: a) national and international standards, assessment and programs related to mathematics education; b) international teacher preparation; c) classroom technology; and d) physical and virtual manipulatives used in mathematics instruction.

 Grants and Awards while at Linfield College ($63,443):

International Programs Office Grant ($2,000), Middle school math research in Malaysia and Singapore with student researcher Maylyn Foo (Summer 2012) 

Student Travel Grant ($750) for 16 students to present at the Northwest Math Conference in Portland (Fall 2011)

Student-Faculty Collaborative Research Grant ($4,689) with student researcher Maylyn Foo for analyzing data collected in China and observing classes in Malysia (Summer 2011)

Freeman Foundation Grant ($5,450), Middle school math research in China with student researchers Emily Urness and Maylyn Foo (Spring 2011)

ASIANetwork Faculty-Student Collaborative Research Grant ($17,827), Middle school mathematics research in Japan with student researchers Amy Shoemaker and Marissa Davis (Summer 2009) 

Student-Faculty Collaborative Research Grant ($4,646) with student researcher Amy Shoemaker (Summer 2009)

Faculty Development Grant ($2,805) for a scouting trip to Puerto Rico for a January 2010 course (Spring 2009)

Teacher Education Administrators Seminar in India (estimated $10,000), all expenses paid by the India Fulbright Office for a 2-week intensive seminar for 9 U.S. administrators in Delhi, New Delhi, Chennai, Agra, and Kolkata visiting K-12 schools, universities, and educational and government agencies (Summer 2008) 

Student-Faculty Collaborative Research Grant ($7,901) with student researchers Michael Stead and Jennifer Stewart (Summer 2008)

Faculty Development Grant ($1700) for investigating current trends in use of classroom technology, Linfield College (2005-2006)

Educator of the Year, Kappa Delta Pi, Linfield College (2004) 

Asian Research Award ($2750) for education research in Japan, International Programs Office, Linfield College (Summer 2004)

Student Travel Grant ($300) for 3 students to attend the National Conference of Teachers of Math Conference, Salt Lake City, Utah (Fall 2003)    

Faculty Development Grant ($1605) for coursework and conferences for training in using technology in teaching, Linfield College (2003-2004)

Student Travel Grant ($420) for 14 students to present at the Northwest Math Conference, Portland, Oregon (Fall 2002)

SMARTer Kids Foundation grant ($600) for purchasing a SMARTboard for Education Department, Linfield College (2002) 



Drickey, N., Chan, Y., Bernhisel, A. & Foo, M. (2014). A study of middle school mathematics education in the United States, Japn, China, Malaysia and Singapore. International Journal of Science, Mathematics, and Technology Learning, CG Publishers, 20(3) 25-37.

Drickey, N. (2013). Thirteen elements of effective mathematics instruction. International Journal of Learning, CG Publishers, 19(2) 121-128.

Drickey, N., and Sandoz, P. (2010). Top ten reasons to be a member of the National Council of Supervisors of Mathematics. The Oregon Mathematics Teacher, September 2010.

Drickey, N., Davis, M. and Shoemaker, A. (2010). Lessons learned from looking inside the classroom: A study of middle school mathematics education in Japan. ASIANetwork.

Drickey, N. and Munshin, S. (2009). NCSM membership spotlight on Nancy Drickey. National Council of Supervisors of Mathematics, Spring 2009 newsletter, pages 15-17.

Arhar, J., Dolman, D., Drickey, N., Fyfe, B., Ing, L., Jones, K., Miranda, T., Peck, C., and Polite, V. (2008). United States India Education Foundation Teacher Education Administrators Seminar. India Fulbright Office.

Drickey, N. (2006). State-level k-8 mathematics curriculum standards: A comparison of Oregon to other states. The Oregon Mathematics Teacher (TOMT), December 2006, 27-30.

Drickey, N. (2006). Learning technologies for enhancing student understanding of mathematics. International Journal of Learning, 13(5), 109-116.

Drickey, N. (2004). Lessons learned from a national study of K-12 mathematics education in the United States. Delta-K Mathematics Journal, 41(1), 78-80. 


International Experiences:

In August 2008, I traveled to India for the Teacher Education Administrators Workshop sponsored by the India Fulbright Office. We traveled across India to visit k-12 schools, colleges, government agencies, and national educational organizations. In June 2009, I traveled to Japan with students Amy Shoemaker and Marissa Davis to research middle school mathematics teaching, funded by a grant from the ASIANetwork Freeman Foundation. In March 2011, I replicated the middle school mathematics research in China with students Emily Urness and Maylyn Foo, funded by the Freeman Foundation and the Linfield Education Department. The research continued through funding from a student faculty collaborative research grant in summer 2011 with Maylyn Foo observing schools in Malaysia. In August 2012, I traveled to Malaysia and Singapore with Maylyn Foo for more classroom observations. During my sabbatical in spring of 2016, I plan to continue my research in another foreign country.

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